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  • Robotic Work Station
    The utilization rate of spraying robots can reach 90% -95%, with great flexibility, easy operation and maintenance, and can effectively improve spraying quality and material utilization rate
  • Spraying digital engineering
    Comprehensive utilization of advanced digital technologies such as 3D CAD technology, visualization technology, and offline programming technology to improve the automation, quality, efficiency, and working conditions of spraying
  • Intelligent coating workstation
    The paint film has good performance, and through the collaborative control of paint flow rate, atomized air pressure, fan-shaped air pressure, and robot walking speed, the performance and uniformity of the paint film are ensured; High utilization rate of coatings.
  • Cloud System Platform
    Visualization of job safety, visualization of key equipment and monitoring, and visualization of intelligent pre warning in advance.
  • Waste gas treatment workstation
    The process is simple, low consumption and energy-saving, and the equipment and materials have strong oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, and long service life. It can efficiently remove waste gas containing volatile organic compounds, inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other major pollutants

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